The definition of homosexuality as today’s, seems quite straightforward: a homosexual is someone emotionally and sexually attracted towards same gender traits. However, being homosexual isn’t as easy as standardized sexual orientation. Though not as shocking as it would be not so long ago to disclose status to family and peers and being seen in public with a partner of same gender, yet homosexuals face stiff cultural bigotry.

Whereas pundits still try to find relevant scientific explanations as to why someone would feel sexually Adam4Adamn attracted by the same sex attributes (including theories pointing homosexualism as a key genetic issue).The real question would be perhaps: why homosexuality is still not fully accepted by modern society, being that a demeanor that last for ages? Being homosexuality a not-chosen and healthy characteristic which, by the way, I believe that about 99% of self-proclaimed gay people are happy with, why the heterosexual community can’t just go with it?

Prejudice against homosexuality is for so many people a bigger mystery as homosexuality itself. So let’s pinpoint some of the facts however evident, are being ignored by people at large:

– Whether homosexuality is genetically inbred or else seems negligible. Hence it is a non-chosen feature, needless say. What if every gay men or women out there would remember waking up in a blue day and thinking, “well in a hard-guess, I’ll start to muster feelings towards same gender people from now on”. The truth is that homosexuality Adam4Adamn is much of a choice, for example, as being left-handed. The real choice is your decision in regards to how you manage life’s demands with such orientation. You may choose to accept the way you are and either focus on being happy or try and hide feelings from yourself and from others. Let’s face it, the first option is obviously the hardest one, but it is also the one that brings about better life-standing results.

– Some might attempt to convince in that homosexuality has something wrong, as in disorder, or even go to great lengths to dissuade you from coming out. As a fact that matters, there’s no plausible mode as such to actually “change” one’s mind, and even if there were, it would be unattainable. Seemingly it would be the same as in converting straights to go the other way. It doesn’t mean that to face issues you would not feel confused with your stand otherwise. Most of all, people likely will perceive themselves as homosexuals during puberty, such haywire period as sex drive grows, inasmuch as some youngsters begin to feel “different” from peers and refuse pre-conceived ideas. It’s hard for some to make sense out of such feelings because the most difficult part of coming out is to them recognizing it. To perceive yourself as a homosexual is worlds apart from accepting it.

Homosexuality is far from being a problem for oneself or next of kin. The actual problem lies in other people’s perceptions. Unfortunately, it’s known that homosexuals might never be entirely accepted by most, but self-acceptance should be kept always within grasp.

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